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We’re working towards safe and healthy homes and buildings that run on clean electricity and are free of indoor air pollution and climate-harming methane, or natural, gas.


Why All-Electric Buildings?

>   Methane gas is the third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in our region. To achieve Zero Carbon, we must transition our homes and buildings to run on all-electric appliances powered by clean electricity like solar and wind. 


>  Households with methane gas are exposed to dangerously high levels of indoor air pollution, leading to increased rates of asthma and other medical conditions. Children living in homes with a gas stove have a 42% increased risk of experiencing asthma symptoms.


>  Increasingly hot summers and heat waves require that everyone has access to air-conditioning.  However, electric heat pumps can both cool and heat homes for less money that air conditioners powered by methane gas.  

>  Methane gas can cause explosions if not properly maintained. Entire neighborhoods have been incinerated by gas explosions. We must remove this dangerous infrastructure from our communities as soon as possible.

So what does this mean?

Electrification is proven, equitable, efficient, affordable, and regionally relevant. Read through our "Surging Ahead" blog series to learn what building electrification really means. 

"Children living in homes with a gas stove have a 42% increased risk of experiencing asthma symptoms."

Sparking Change

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Pass All-Electric Policies At Local

and State Level


As a climate advocacy organization, CAC actively supports policies that promote all-electric homes and buildings.

In 2021, we saw our hard work come to fruition when the City of Encinitas passed a strong Green Building Ordinance requiring all-electric new construction, becoming the first city in San Diego County and the 51st city in California to do so. Shortly after, Solana Beach passed an all-electric ordinance. 

This success was brought to Orange County in 2023, with Irvine becoming the first city in Orange County to pass a building electrification ordinance. This is a huge step in catalyzing the rest of Southern California to phase out fossil fuels and create the clean, healthy, and safe buildings we all deserve. We continue to push for policies that phase out dangerous methane gas from our homes and businesses.

Secure Incentives for All-Electric Homes and Appliances

The good news is that all-electric homes cost less to build and save homeowners money in the long run. On average, according to a study done for the California Energy Commission by E3, all-electric homes cost $5,000 less to build than gas-powered homes and will save homeowners $130 to $540 a year.

We’re fighting for upfront rebates and incentives for electric heat pumps, induction stoves, and other appliances to reduce the cost of all-electric homes. We’re working to make the switch to cleaner, healthier buildings accessible to everyone! 

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