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We’re fighting to ensure that every family can prepare for, survive, adapt, and even thrive in a hotter, drier world.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Why Resilience?

>  Families are already feeling the impact of the climate emergency through wildfires, heat waves, drought, sea level rise, coastal erosion, flooding, and more. These impacts are not felt equally across all communities because it impacts working class communities of color first and worst.


>  While we fight to stop emissions at their source, we must also work to ensure that everyone can prepare, adapt, respond, and thrive despite external stressors. Decades of disinvestment have left communities of concern with less resources to prepare for and respond to climate impacts like brutal heat waves and lack of air conditioning.

>  We advocate for policies and programs that help cities adapt to the climate emergency in a way that is equitable and just. 

Black, brown, indigenous, or white, we all want healthy, safe, and resilient communities where our families can thrive.

Our Campaigns

Expanding Tree Canopy

The City of San Diego’s 2015 Climate Action Plan commits to covering 35% of the city in trees. We are committed to replicating this goal across the region with appropriate funding and implementation plans, with a focus on tree planting in underserved communities.

Planning For Healthy, Resilient Communities

As California and the federal government prepare to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into local resilience projects, we are pushing cities in our region and the County of San Diego to pursue this funding and financing to fund equitable adaptation and resilience planning and projects. In the City of San Diego, we are working to ensure that the Climate Resilient SD plan passes with a funding and implementation plan.

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