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 Photo cred: Edgar Ontiveros Medina 

Climate Action Campaign’s mission is to stop the climate crisis through effective policy action.

Five Fights | One Lens

Through the lens of equity and justice, we are fighting for a Zero Carbon future with:

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Our Story

Climate Action Campaign was founded in San Diego in 2015 by our Executive Director, Nicole Capretz


Nicole launched Climate Action Campaign to ensure the City of San Diego’s draft landmark Climate Action Plan (CAP) became law, which Nicole authored while working in the Mayor’s office.  


Nicole knew the only way to ensure the plan would pass was to do a bottom-up, neighborhood-by-neighborhood education and outreach program to build community and political will. And that’s exactly what CAC did.


Over the course of a year, CAC developed a critical mass of engaged community members who recognized that we need a world with 100% clean energy for all. A broad-based and non-traditional coalition of elected officials, businesses, community planning groups, civic organizations, labor unions, and environmental and social justice organizations emerged, unified behind the trailblazing plan.


It worked. That year, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to slash carbon emissions in half. It was the first legally binding Climate Action Plan committing to 100% clean energy in a major U.S. city. 

Over the next five years, CAC won more transformational change in San Diego County, leading the region to a more just and equitable climate-friendly future. CAC has successfully advocated for the adoption of eight 100% clean energy Climate Action Plans, and three Community Choice Energy programs. 

Now, we have our sights set on a Zero Carbon future and a San Diego Green New Deal, and are engaged in over 20 municipalities across San Diego County and Orange County.   

CAC knows that stopping the climate crisis is possible. To do so, we need experienced advocates at all levels of government to promote relevant, achievable, and legally binding climate policies. Our work is always centered on uniting businesses, communities, and government to effectively pass policies and programs that lead to systemic change that ensures clean air, clean water, and a livable future for everyone. 


 Photo cred: Edgar Ontiveros Medina 

Our Theory of Change

We believe change happens from the ground up. When united with broad-based community coalitions, local governments can serve as an effective model for implementing bold policy solutions. This can be scaled and replicated in cities and nations across the globe.

Our Strategies



For climate policies that meet the scale and scope of the climate crisis. 



Community members, grassroots organizations, and bipartisan policy makers on key climate solutions.


Mobilize & Empower

Community members to take action.


Organize &

Build Broad and Diverse Coalitions

To advocate for shared policy goals.

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