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Climate Action Campaign's annual policy agenda outlines our priority campaigns to advance our five fights for the year!

Read through our campaigns and initiatives to learn more about how we're fighting for a safe, equitable zero-carbon future.

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Transit is a lifeline for many San Diegans, but our current system is failing to meet the needs of residents. We’re working to pass Let’s Go! San Diego to gain funding to invest in a transportation system that allows people to travel safely. 

Let's Go! San Diego


Switch on Success: Electrifying Schools

Schools should be safe, healthy spaces for students and faculty. We need to kick dangerous fossil fuels out of our schools by transitioning to all-electric systems. 


With thousands of San Diegans struggling from the impact of this month’s “thousand-year” storm, it is clear that we need to invest into stormwater systems that protect residents against future disasters, specifically the frontline communities hit first and worst by these floods. 

Storm and Flood Resilience


All-Electric Affordable Housing

Our reliance on toxic fossil fuels in our buildings threatens the health and safety of families in our communities. We’re pushing for policies that phase out dangerous methane gas to protect our health and reach our climate targets.

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We’re coming together to rewrite the rules so we can clean our air, improve our health, and build a climate-safe future for our region. Our advocacy will center around partnering with local governments, businesses, frontline communities, and community-based organizations. 

Regional Collaboration

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Regional World-Class Transit

Transportation is San Diego County’s largest source of emissions, contributing to air pollution and worsening climate impacts. San Diego can reduce emissions by implementing a robust Mobility Master Plan (MMP) and 2025 Regional Transportation Plan.

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This year, we’re doubling down on meeting climate goals and will be grading San Diego and Orange County’s climate action implementation. It's time for our cities to secure state and federal funding to fulfill their promises to families and protect our health and future.

Local Climate Action Plans

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Expand Orange County Power Authority

San Diego Community Power and the Orange County Power Authority, two local CCE programs, have been recognized nationally as two of the top ten energy providers for green customers. We’re on a mission to continue to expand community choice energy to more OC cities.

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