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All communities should have the tools and resources necessary to adapt to the challenges posed by climate change, fostering resilience and protecting vulnerable populations.

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Why Regional Collaboration?

>  To create an equitable and sustainable Southern California, we must achieve our zero carbon goals. We need pathways towards regional decarbonization.

>  We've previously tried to reach our climate targets by working as individual cities. This has been largely unsuccessful, resulting in uncoordinated and fragmented action plans. If you were to add up all the Climate Action Plans in the San Diego region, they would still not be enough to achieve net zero emissions by mid-century. This is why we need a regional approach.

>  There is a huge amount of historic collaborative climate funding from the state and federal governments. In order to secure this funding, Southern California must work together.

>  We need to unite as a region to push regional climate solutions across the finish line. How? By a Regional Climate Readiness Table that fosters partnerships between local governments, private businesses, frontline communities, and community-based organizations, all united by a common purpose—prioritizing regional climate resilience projects that attract large-scale funding opportunities.

Why does this matter?

We're advocating for a Regional Climate Readiness Table (RCRT) because we know that climate impacts span geographical borders, and our solutions should too. Let's work together to push Southern California to a brighter and more sustainable future! 

When we look at current funding opportunities, we see that the federal government is sending a clear message: we either need to embrace collaboration or be left behind. 


Interested in learning to join together to advocate for climate action and neighborhood improvement projects in your community? Use our advocacy toolkit to plan your next project! 

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Fill out our Community Input Form to share the details of your project with San Diego County, and voice the needs of you and your community! 

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