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How The City Of San Diego’s Budget Can Address Our Climate And Community Needs

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The impacts of COVID-19 have caused disruptions to the City of San Diego’s operations, services, revenue and priorities. Unfortunately, when one crisis starts, the other doesn’t stop.

As the City of San Diego adapts and responds to these changes in next year’s budget, they must fulfill their commitments to implementing the legally-binding Climate Action Plan. 

Here are our main recommendations: 

  1. Create a Mobility Department to help San Diego transition to a climate-friendly transportation system

  2. Continue to expand San Diego’s network of bike infrastructure

  3. Fully fund the City’s CAP update and release a five-year outlook, so we can chart the path to Zero Carbon

At the first budget hearing, council members seemed open to fully funding the City’s CAP, instead of expanding the smart streetlights program, which has serious public surveillance concerns. However, we are unclear on the future of the Mobility Department. 

Stay tuned for updates and click here to read our full letter with recommendations. 

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