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We Won! Court Rejects San Diego County’s Flawed Climate Action Plan

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The County of San Diego has done it again. They have once again been told by the California Court of Appeal to rescind their adopted Climate Action Plan and start over, because their CAP does not protect public health nor meet state climate goals.  

The three biggest takeaways from the case are:

  1. The County has not developed a Climate Action Plan that will allow San Diego to reach our climate goals. 

  2. The County must figure out ways to promote smart growth, protect public health, and reduce driving. 

  3. The County cannot use unverified and unenforceable international carbon offsets in order to approve sprawl development.

This will be the third time the County has to publicly rescind their adopted climate plans, which is a rare and humiliating act. Overall, it is an unprecedented failure of leadership on one of the biggest public health threats of our time.  

Please join us in calling on the County of San Diego to develop a new Climate Action Plan that protects our health and safety, meets state law, and stops sprawl development in favor of smart growth near jobs and transit. 

Want to learn more? Here is a link to the decision (note: it’s long and dense!):

We will never give up, and always fight for clean air and clean water for all. 

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