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Lemon Grove Strengthens Their CAP Through Increased Focus On Transit, Clean Energy, and Equity

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Since adopting their Climate Action Plan (CAP) in April of this year, Lemon Grove has already made four important updates to strengthen their commitment to climate solutions that benefit their communities.

These updates are:

  1. An increased target for the percentage of people traveling by transit

  2. An increased clean energy goal, including a commitment to participating in a program that provides 100% clean energy, such as Community Choice Energy

  3. A commitment to prioritizing CAP actions that advance social equity

  4. Annual reporting requirements, so that Lemon Grove residents are aware of what their city is doing to address the climate crisis

We have been involved in Lemon Grove’s CAP development since the beginning, working with local residents (including our very own, Evlyn Andrade!), attending workshops, meeting with elected officials and city staff, and collaborating with partners. 

To see the CAP finally adopted and further strengthened is a huge win!

Even more exciting was the number of public comments in favor of a strong CAP that were submitted to City Council, demonstrating the depth of public support. This win proves how important it is that we all engage with our local elected officials, to the demand the change climate science tells us we need. 

To find out how your city is doing on climate, and to learn more about important climate goals to share with your own City Council, check out our 4th Edition Report Card.

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