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Climate Events

What we're doing

San Diego cities have been working independently to solve climate impacts, but this siloed approach isn't working. Our region is behind on implementing its goals, causing harm to our communities and missing out on key funding. What we really need is regional collaboration to fight against climate change effectively. 

We're meeting with our communities and learning what you want to prioritize in your neighborhoods. The County is developing its implementation playbook for its Regional Decarbonization Framework, which details paths to a zero carbon, healthy, safe, and equitable San Diego. We want to make sure our voices are heard. Join our upcoming events to share what your community and family need.

Upcoming Events


Join us for the opportunity to:

📣 Voice their climate action priorities, which will inform future CAPs and climate policy throughout the region

⚒️ Identify local pillars, leaders, and priority projects/programs

💚 Acknowledge impacts and celebrate local community climate action efforts through personal storytelling and performances

Not sure which district you are?

Click through our districts below to see what district you live in:

  • Clean Energy
    Everyone deserves access to safe, reliable, and affordable clean energy. Every community deserves to benefit from the clean energy economy, including having access to good, family-sustaining jobs. Clean energy strategies must include a plan to keep workers and communities dependent on gas and other fossil fuels for their livelihoods whole. The jobs created by clean energy strategies in the region must benefit San Diego’s communities of concern.
  • World Class Transit
    Everyone deserves access to reliable, clean transportation that connects us to jobs, schools, stores, and life’s essentials. Transit-dependent communities—too long forced to bear the burdens of pollution and disinvestment—must be at the center of transportation planning and decision-making.
  • All-Electric Buildings
    Everyone deserves to live in safe, healthy homes that run on clean electricity and are free of indoor air pollution and climate-harming natural gas. Building Electrification strategies must prioritize the communities that need the benefits the most and provide the most financial assistance to those with the greatest need. BE policies must include a just transition plan for workers and communities dependent on gas and other fossil fuels for their livelihoods. The jobs created by BE strategies in the region must first benefit San Diego’s communities of concern.
  • Resiliency
    Every community deserves access to clean air and clean water. Investments in resiliency like expanding and tending to our existing tree canopy must first benefit the communities overburdened by air pollution. We must reimagine and rebuild our city’s infrastructure to promote clean air, clean water, and healthy ecosystems. As we rebuild this infrastructure, we must prioritize communities of concern and ensure the creation of good family-sustaining union jobs.
  • Walkable, Bikeable Neighborhoods
    Housing is a human right, and everyone deserves quality housing that is affordable and close to life’s essentials, like good schools, jobs, grocery stores, and parks. Every community deserves access to convenient, affordable, and reliable public transportation and safe pedestrian and bike facilities. Our streets aren’t safe until they are safe for everyone. Without a plan to include and protect people with disabilities, BIPOC folks, and LGBTQ+ communities, or a plan to address anti-Black vigilantism, police brutality, and disproportionate policing on our streets and transit systems, our streets can’t be truly safe. Truly inclusive transportation planning must center and uplift these voices, even when it's difficult to hear. San Diego and Orange County can’t be strong, resilient, or sustainable in the face of increased climate disaster without upholding everyone’s right to be sheltered.
  • Equity and Justice
    The communities that have suffered the most from environmental racism and disinvestment must be the FIRST to receive the benefits of the clean energy economy and investments in climate resilience.


Have any questions about upcoming events, how you could get involved, etc? Contact our Climate Justice Policy Coordinator, Ali Mariko Dressel.

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Learn more about what regional collaboration could look like and why it's necessary:

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