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Amina Sheik Mohamed MPH is a dedicated, Public Health leader who has gained national, state, and local recognition for her work advancing health equity in San Diego County. Currently serving as the Founding Director of the Refugee Health Unit, Amina is a mission-driven professional who works collaboratively with BIPOC communities to elevate health, uplift community agency, and ensure equitable access to all that San Diego has to offer.

During her tenure with UC San Diego Center for Community Health, Amina has designed and directed a multitude of initiatives intended to engage low-income communities and improve access to opportunities for health. As founder of both the Refugee Health Unit and the Youth Advisory Council (YAC), Amina has demonstrated success in building effective coalitions and fund development. Working within the social determinants of health framework, Amina understands the importance of community-led projects and she is considered an expert in community and youth development. 

Throughout her career in public health, Amina has successfully implemented innovative policy systems and environmental initiatives. Previous projects led by Amina include serving as Director of the Live Well Community Market Program, serving as Director of the Interfaith-Wellness Program, co-launching a Women’s Only Swimming Project at the YMCA, and serving as Regional Manager of the African American Campaign under the Network for a Healthy California.

Amina is a passionate and gifted leader who is motivated to stimulate change and make a positive difference in the health status of communities on a local, state, national, and global arena. Amina is the proud recipient of many awards including the UC San Diego Changemaker Award (2019), the UC San Diego Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Diversity Award (2011), and the Union Bank and KPBS Women’s History Month Local Heroes Award (2013). Amina has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences including the American Public Health Association (APHA) annual meeting and the Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference through the California Department of Public Health.

Amina holds a Masters of Public Health from Walden University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science from San Diego State University. Amina is a proud alumni of the Rockwood Building Power Fellowship program.

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