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Kristin Hampshire, MD, is a Family Physician practicing at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group since 2001. She has been Chair of the SRSMG Clinical Guidelines Committee since 2011, and serves on the SRSMG Patient Education Committee. Increasingly recognizing the climate crisis as the greatest health threat of our time, she trained as a Climate Health Ambassador through ecoAmerica in June 2021. She later co-founded the SRSMG Climate and Planetary Health Committee in an effort to increase awareness, engagement and action.

The evidence-based focus of her clinical guidelines role blends with her concern over the scientific consensus that climate change is having a devastating impact on human health, and the knowledge that effective education improves outcomes. This blend has increased her climate commitment as a physician, understanding that the medical community has a moral obligation to use their platform as trusted messengers to educate patients, public and policy makers that planetary health is human health.

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