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Three Once-In-A-Generation Opportunities to Achieve our Transportation Future

In the next two years, there will be 3 once-in-a-generation opportunities to secure an equitable, climate-safe transportation future in San Diego. That’s why, on May 13, we’re publishing a white paper on this very topic.

Here’s where we must take unprecedented action in transportation:

  1. SANDAG 2021 Regional Plan: Our regional planning agency is working on a plan to reimagine how people and goods will move around. This is the most powerful space when it comes to winning major investments in rail, bus lanes, bike lanes, and moreand we can’t be afraid to go big.

  2. The City of SD’s CAP Update: The City’s 2015 Climate Action Plan made a bold commitment: 50% commuting by bike, walk, and transit by 2035. We’ve made little progress towards that target, so we’re calling on the City to double down through a new Mobility Action Plan.

  3. The County of SD’s CAP: The County should commit to equitable development of housing near jobs and transit, while pursuing innovative strategies to aggressively reduce vehicle miles travelled (VMT) in rural areas.

Want to learn more? Click here, and we’ll send you a copy of the report as soon as it’s released tomorrow!

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