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California's Rooftop Solar Is Safe For Now

Good news! Your tweets, phone calls, op-eds, and letters about the proposed changes to California's solar laws broke through to Governor Newsom and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). After months of debate and public backlash over this plan, a judge on the CPUC announced last week that the matter “will not appear on the Commission’s voting meeting agenda until further notice.”

This anti-solar proposal—backed by SDG&E and other investor-owned utilities—would have:

  • Imposed the highest solar penalty fee in the country,

  • Cut incentives for the clean electricity that rooftop solar customers provide our communities by 80%,

  • Broken promises by reducing protections for current customers and eliminating protections for households that accept future battery rebates. After all, greedy utilities want to keep families hooked on expensive, dirty electricity.

Thanks to the pressure from advocates like you, solar is safe for now.

But the fight isn’t over. As the CPUC goes back to square one, we must keep applying pressure to ensure that any new solar rules promote equitable and affordable solar and storage for all Californians. If you have a Twitter, please share why this is important with Governor Newsom—it only takes a second with our quick and easy tool.

Moving forward, we’ll work with our partners in the Save CA Solar coalition to fend off attacks by greedy utility companies because we can’t achieve a local, 100% clean energy system without rooftop solar and storage. We won’t stop until we win.

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