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It’s Time For The County To Say YES To Choice

The County is voting next week on whether to join San Diego Community Power (SDCP), a key step on the path to a 100% clean energy future. This will be a critical vote, and we’re organizing our partners and the community to tell the Board of Supervisors to say YES to SDCP!

Since launching in March, SDCP has provided more affordable and cleaner electricity⁠—50% renewable compared to SDG&E’s 31%⁠. SDCP has also been busy developing new clean energy projects and signing contracts for new solar and battery storage facilities that will power thousands of homes and businesses.

Now, the County has an opportunity to bring unincorporated residents energy democracy. We recently sent in a letter with our community partners urging the County to join SDCP this year! With SDCP, the County can:

  • Achieve 100% clean energy by 2035 or sooner

  • Provide more cost-competitive clean electricity than SDG&E

  • Boost local economic development and invest in good green jobs

  • Exemplify regional leadership to stop the climate emergency

We can build an equitable and sustainable future together! I’ll have more to come soon on how you can help bring the County into the clean energy fold.

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