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Irvine Commits to Zero Carbon by 2030 🙌🏽

On August 10, Irvine became the first city in Southern California to set a goal of achieving a zero-carbon local economy consistent with the targets set by climate science. This is HUGE!

Now, Irvine is one of three cities in California with a carbon neutrality goal. This is what’s possible when we speak with a united voice to elevate climate at the local level. Thank you for powering this campaign!

In addition to this, we were able to secure important commitments to equity and justice. As the Irvine ACHIEVES resolution outlines, the city will strive to ensure environmental, economic, and social justice as it works to slash emissions through climate programs and policies. This is critical because, while the climate crisis affects all of us, it impacts low-income families and communities of color first and worst.

The resolution also commits Irvine to developing a legally-binding Climate Action and Adaptation Plan with detailed deadlines for science-based greenhouse gas reductions. Because of this, Irvine is now able to apply for $1 million in funding to support its climate programs through the Cool City Challenge! With your help, Irvine can also be in the running for $25 million to invest in critical climate programs.

Above: Cool City Challenge Artwork

The Cool Block program works to create bottom-up change by activating community members, aka Cool Block Leaders! Cool Block teams work to create change first by changing habits within their homes and, eventually, working together on actions that will impact their block, neighborhood, city, and planet!

This is an amazing opportunity to get involved in the community and climate movement! Irvine residents can sign up to be Cool Block leaders in Irvine’s Cool City Challenge. Click here for more info on Irvine’s Cool Block Challenge and sign up by August 28.

Learn More About The Cool Block Challenge:

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