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San Diego Is Finally Securing Our Clean Energy Future

Last month, Mayor Todd Gloria made an exciting and bold announcement that he was “going to commit to have city facilities to use 100 percent clean energy through San Diego Community Power,” our region’s new Community Choice Energy (CCE) program.

This action continues Mayor Gloria’s legacy of committing San Diego to bold climate action, which began with his authoring of the city’s landmark Climate Action Plan in 2013. Eight years later, CCE is finally coming to San Diego families, bringing us relief from SDG&E’s high rates and dirty energy.

How much better will San Diego Community Power be for San Diegans? Take a look:

Image courtesy of San Diego Community Power

At launch, San Diego Community Power will offer base package customers 50% renewable electricity via their PowerOn plan, in comparison to SDG&E’s paltry 31% at competitive rates. Business owners and community members can opt up to 100% clean energy through SDCP's Power100 plan, like Mayor Gloria plans to do for city facilities.

You can see why CCE is central to Climate Action Plans in the region. It’s the fastest, most reliable way to reduce emissions in our communities, which is why we focus so much of CAC’s advocacy on supporting these equitable and sustainable programs.

With the County and other cities in the region looking to go above and beyond, CAC will be doubling our efforts to expand customer choice and clean energy through San Diego Community Power.

We’ll need your help to bring choice, competitive rates, and cleaner energy to millions more. Stay tuned!

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