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Stop Sprawl, Build Cities: Learn More About Our Community Plan Update Campaigns!

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Simply put, there is no way to solve the climate crisis without solving the housing crisis. Environmentalists cannot support anti-sprawl policies, while opposing pro-infill policies. Sprawl development is one of our region’s great sources of emissions, it:

  • puts families in harm's way by pushing them into high fire hazard areas.

  • locks working people into mega commutes—with housing far from jobs and transit—further exacerbating the climate crisis.

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The only plausible way to eliminate sprawl, while addressing the housing crisis and accommodating our growing workforce is to develop affordable housing through urban infill.

Picture this: a San Diego region that has thriving and inclusive neighborhoods, where every resident has access to affordable, sustainable housing near jobs and transit for generations to come. That’s what we are all advocating for right? Well, this can be achieved with robust Community Plan Updates (CPUs).

Since CAC's founding, we have advocated for CPUs that meet or exceed our CAP goals, provide abundant affordable housing near world class transit, and create bikeable, walkable neighborhoods powered with 100% clean energy.

Community Plan Updates are long-range guides for neighborhoods that plan:

  1. where a community will conserve land and open space,

  2. where housing, commercial, and industrial buildings can go,

  3. how residents will move around.

Here’s why CPUs are so important:

  1. CPUs are our opportunity to couple climate strategies and specific plans to bring clean air and water, safe streets, affordable housing near transit, and economic benefits to residents and businesses;

  2. If we implement our CPUs right, San Diego can make great strides in reaching its Climate Action Plan (CAP) and housing goals!

We all agree that forcing people to have long commutes from wildfire danger zones is not sustainable, but it is also inequitable. Forcing BIPOC families and low-income communities into harm’s way is modern day redlining.

Just stopping sprawl isn’t enough, we must also build cities through affordable, urban infill. This begins with communities fighting for CPUs that aid in achieving our environmental goals and mitigating the climate crisis.

Want to learn more about what makes Community Planning Updates tick? Check out our recommendation letter for the Clairemont Community Plan Update and stay tuned for opportunities to advocate for a CPU in your neighborhood!

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