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We demand an equitable transportation system that works for all.

On May 13, we’re releasing our newest white paper, “The Dream Is Possible: World-Class Transit In San Diego”. In our most recent blog post, we answered why building a world-class transit system is so critical: to stop the climate crisis.

At the same time, transportation is inextricably linked with economic, racial, and environmental justice. Low-income communities and communities of color face the most devastating effects of our current, auto-centric transportation system:

  1. Diminished Mobility: 1 out of every 5 transit users in the region does not have access to a car, and only 7% of low-income San Diegans have access to fast and frequent transit service.

  2. Exposure to Air Pollution: Ozone, a harmful pollutant in smog, is emitted by cars and trucks. The San Diego region has the 6th worst ozone pollution in the country, with much higher rates of hospital visits due to asthma in historically redlined neighborhoods.

  3. Lack of Access to Economic Opportunity: A car-owner in San Diego can access 30 times more jobs than a public transit user.

No one should have to own an expensive car to access basic needs. We believe a transportation system that centers equity and slashes emissions towards Zero Carbon is achievable.

Want to learn more? Click here, and we’ll send you a copy of the report as soon it’s released on May 13.

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