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Missing the Mark:
City Must Double Down on Bike/Walk/Transit Targets in Climate Action Plan



The purpose of this report is to compare the City of San Diego’s 2015 Climate Action Plan mode shift targets with the mode shift projections for the buildout of SANDAG’s 2021 Regional Plan, each for the year 2035, in the City’s Transit Priority Areas.


Our analysis shows that SANDAG’s Plan will make meaningful progress towards the CAP’s target for bike, walk, and transit, but there is more work to be done. Unless the City of San Diego and SANDAG take significant additional action, these targets will still not be achieved.


We hope you’ll use this report as a tool to continue championing a more equitable, sustainable transportation future.


  1. The City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan 2020 Annual Report shows that mode shares have remained nearly stagnant since 2010, which fail to meet CEQA requirements for the legally-binding mode shift targets.

  2. It is impossible to achieve the City’s mode shift targets if we were to rely solely on SANDAG’s Regional Plan.

  3. SANDAG’s 2021 Regional Plan significantly improves the goals detailed in the 2015 Regional Plan.

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  1. SANDAG’s 2021 Regional Plan is an important shift towards a sustainable future, but the city of San Diego and SANDAG need to work together to close the gap between what the Regional Plan will achieve and what the CAP requires for mode shift.

  2. Unless this happens, the City’s legally-binding CAP targets will not be achieved. 

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