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Our 5th Edition Climate Action Plan Report Card Is Coming: Facts & FAQs

Our 5th Edition Climate Action Plan Report Card is almost here! While we work behind the scenes to wrap it up, we want to share answers to our most frequently asked questions about the report. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s the CAP Report Card?

The Climate Action Plan Report Card assesses the San Diego region’s climate planning and climate action to guide the public and local governments. We took a deep dive into what our region’s 18 cities and the County are doing to fight the climate crisis and we’ll present these findings in our 5th Edition Report Card on April 13th.

Check out our past report cards here to learn more about what to expect.

What’s the purpose of the Report Card?

What’s new about this year’s CAP Report Card?

What’s a Climate Action Plan?

How do Climate Action Plans work?

Stay tuned for our release on April 13th to learn how your city is doing. Sign up here to be the first to receive our report.

If you can, please join us for our CAP Report Card Release Press Conference next Wednesday, April 13th at 10 AM. RSVP here!

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