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BE THE CHANGE: Rally Behind Buena Park's Sustainability Department

Buena Park has a golden chance to tackle the immediate impacts of the climate crisis head-on. A dedicated sustainability department can create the safe, healthy, and clean communities we all deserve.

→ Why It Matters

Some Buena Park communities bear the brunt of the climate crisis. The EPA reports that some of our areas face pollution levels surpassing 99% of other California communities. It's time to take a stand, prioritize those most impacted, and strive for a resilient, pollution-free community for all.

→ Buena Park’s Bold Steps

Buena Park is making big strides in the fight against climate change. By implementing 100% renewable energy as the default option for all residents, our city is leading toward a more sustainable and equitable future.

→ The Need for a Sustainability Department

Buena Park must establish a sustainability department to combat the climate crisis, safeguard our residents, and enact tangible change. This department will spearhead the development of crucial climate policies and programs, including an innovative Climate Action Plan.

→ Your Action Matters

On Tuesday, May 23rd, the Buena Park City Council will vote on creating a sustainability department. Take action now! Email your council member or join us on May 23rd to raise your voice for a sustainable future.

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