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CAC Statement Condemning 1/7 Insurrection

We condemn yesterday's violent events, led by a growing strain of conspiracy-laden white supremacists in the GOP and incited by President Trump seeking to overthrow the results of a fair and free election.

Yesterday confirmed what BIPOC people have known since this country's inception: too often our deeds fail to match our creeds.

The treatment of these insurrectionists stands in stark contrast to the violence directed at BLM protesters and what Indigenous Water Protectors faced at Standing Rock, shining light on this country's entrenched and pervasive racism.

This is not an isolated problem. San Diego has seen a rise in hate crimes, while groups like Defend East County have multiplied.

Members of these groups were willing participants in yesterday's insurrection and the woman who was fatally shot yesterday was a veteran and San Diego resident. This is homegrown extremism and we need to root it out of our communities.

The fight for climate justice is inextricably linked to the fight for racial, economic, and social justice and all of these struggles rely on a functioning and robust democracy.

CAC stands with those seeking to build a more sustainable, equitable, and just world for ALL.


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