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Climate Voter Alert: Our 2020 Ballot Endorsements Are Here!

Hello Climate Voters! Ballots are out and we’re gearing up for one of the most important elections in our lifetime. If you still need to register to vote, click here.

Public support for climate action has never been as high, but we need elected and appointed officials with the courage, commitment, and leadership to actually take action toward securing a safe and livable future for all of us. The 2020 election is a critical opportunity to get climate champions into elected office at the federal, state, local level.

As a 501(c)3, we can only endorse ballot measures -- not candidates -- but our C4 arm can! Check them out here. With that said, we’re excited to release our full list of ballot and proposition endorsements for San Diego and California!

In San Diego, we urge you to vote:

  • YES on Measure A

  • YES on Measure B

  • YES on Measure E

In California, we urge you to vote:

  • YES on Prop 15

  • YES on Prop 16

  • YES on Prop 17

  • YES on Prop 18

  • NO on Prop 20

  • YES on Prop 21

  • NO on Prop 22

Remember, EVERYTHING is connected to climate and fighting for climate justice means fighting more racial justice, worker justice, and more.

Together, we can fight for climate, jobs, and justice… and today we can VOTE!

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