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Encinitas Leads the Charge to a Cleaner, More Resilient Future

Encinitas leads the charge by adopting an all-electric ordinance to incentivize the removal of dangerous gas from homes and buildings in new construction, setting the pace of policy and climate action across the region. 

Here’s the Breakdown:

The Ninth Circuit Court's 2023 ruling, which found the City of Berkeley's all-electric ordinance to conflict with federal energy regulations, created potential legal obstacles to electrification. Although alternative paths to building electrification exist, many cities opted to avoid potential risks. 

Despite these challenges, Encinitas is a city brave enough to go beyond state codes by adopting a bold, high-performance ordinance that gets us closer to our electrification goals. Encinitas is now the clear leader in prioritizing communities' health and future over the gas industry's greed. 

What it means for you:

Air quality regulators see burning fossil fuels at home as the largest source of air pollution in San Diego. We all deserve homes and appliances that meet our families' health and safety needs—we deserve to be safe and breathe clean air where we live, study, and work. Kicking dangerous fossil fuels out of our homes protects the health and well-being of our communities. 

Why it matters to climate:

Encinitas’ new high-performance reach code enhances energy efficiency and supports CAP goals by incentivizing all-electric new construction. It aligns with statewide emission reduction efforts and sets a local example for bold climate action and policy to build community resilience. 

Learn more about Encinitas’ CAP and how they’re performing on reaching climate goals ➡️ Read our newest CAP Report Card

Next Steps? We need other cities to follow Encinitas’ leadership by prioritizing clean energy and electrification today! As the City of San Diego works to implement their CAP, we pushing for them to adopt a similar ordinance ASAP!

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