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Help Build a Climate Resilient San Diego!

San Diego, like much of the world, is in the midst of an accelerating climate emergency which threatens our collective health and future. This year, the region experienced its sixth driest rainy season on record. Meanwhile, extreme weather events like wildfires, heat waves, and flooding devastated regions all over the world, causing huge economic and human losses in both coasts of the United States.

The ongoing crisis urges cities to prepare their residents for the worst impacts of climate change, and, while it is a great challenge, the good news is that everyone can participate to build more resilient communities.

On October 19th, the City of San Diego will host a virtual public workshop to present the Climate Resilient SD Plan, a framework that seeks to increase San Diegans ability to adapt, recover and thrive in a changing climate.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to share your ideas on how we can improve the lives of the people of our City as we invest in strategies to adapt to climate change. Don’t forget to register here.

The effects of climate change impact all San Diegans and our economy, infrastructure, and natural environment. At Climate Action Campaign we believe that all residents have the right to express their concerns and wishes for a better future. Don’t miss the opportunity to get involved and help build a more resilient city for you and your family!

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