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What We Learned At Our NEXUS Climate Conference

Thank you to everyone who joined us for NEXUS, Climate Action Campaign's inaugural climate conference, on Friday, October 21st at SDSU! We hope you left our inaugural climate conference feeling informed and inspired to push for the equitable climate solutions our communities need.

With your help, we raised almost $40,000 to support our fight for a zero carbon future. We are truly grateful to all of our moderators, panelists, attendees, and sponsors who made this event a success!

Here are some of the key takeaways from the panels at NEXUS:

VIP Session

We already know what a sustainable and healthy city looks like: dense, all-electric housing; biking, walking, and transit infrastructure; and trees and green space. But we need the courage and political will to do it. - Katie Crist, PhD

Keynote Remarks

The Inflation Reduction Act will save families money, incentivize companies to innovate because they are eligible for tax incentives, create good jobs, save lives through the pollution it reduces, and improve health outcomes. - Congresswoman Sara Jacobs

Marquee Panel

The San Diego region has core strengths that can help lead in the climate fight: 1) We have a stable set of players and roles. 2) As a border community, new technologies and policies reach us more quickly. 3) Each climate strategy has justice embedded into it. - Murtaza Baxamusa

Panel #2

The most vocal people in the room aren’t the most powerful. Power looks like being able to push policies across the finish line. Money and organizing infrastructure play a huge role in that, and labor is better equipped to build and wield power than other progressive groups. - Carol Kim

Panel #3

The world we look at has been planned. We control systems, schools, police, and infrastructure. We have to give opportunities to our families to maximize themselves. When people say no density, they’re saying no poor people or POC in my neighborhood. - Ricardo Flores

Panel #4

Bad actors don't tell the truth or play fair. A tiny number of people are profiting wildly and pitting us against each other. In the no-holds-barred fight for our lives and livelihoods, we have to define these bad actors and cause them pain—political, economic, or social. - Evan Sutton

Panel #5

The future I want is one where everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potential. It’s a vibrant community where folks of different backgrounds can live and work together and see successes bound together. If we win, I think we fundamentally shift the way the government thinks about its role, away from the status quo, which tries to avoid responsibility and accountability, to one that tries to make life better for people. - San Diego City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera


Hope you enjoy our gallery from the event! We can't wait to continue these important conversations with all of you.


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