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RECAP: Sixth Annual Community Choice Energy Forum

To achieve 100% Clean Energy—one of our Five Fights at Climate Action Campaign (CAC)—we fight for Community Choice Energy (CCE). We must democratize our energy system through strategies like CCE, which empower communities to break free of fossil fuels and opt for renewable energy through CCE policies at the local level.

Last Friday, December 10, CAC brought together leaders in the 100% clean energy movement in Southern California for a robust discussion at our annual CCE Forum.

Our panelists inspired the community with stories of success and opportunities for expansion and innovation. Check out our program here or watch the recorded program below:

Special remarks from elected officials highlighted the importance of local advocacy to drive sustainable, equitable change. During his keynote remarks,David Hochschild, Chair of the California Energy Commission, reinforced Climate Action Campaign’s theory of change.

"The leadership you guys are showing at the local level is so important. And the way that change actually happens is from the ground up. It's the local leadership that inspires the state. And then when we get stuff done at the state level... that in turn spreads around the country and around the world."

We could not have done this work without our dedicated corporate sponsors and community partners.

Climate Action Campaign is a 501c3 non profit organization and relies on donations to achieve our mission to stop the climate emergency through effective policy action at the local level. This is our moment to win 100% clean energy, please chip in to support a zero carbon future!

Thank you, and cheers to a zero carbon future!

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