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Redefining the Status Quo Through Energy Choice

For far too long, Southern California residents have been stuck in the grip of monopoly utilities like SoCal Edison and SDG&E. Faced with high utility rates and limited options, ratepayers are left powerless in energy decisions. This shouldn’t be the status quo. Community Choice Energy (CCE), or Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), are powerful tools in reshaping our energy landscape. These programs empower communities to take control of their energy sources, providing cleaner, safer, and more affordable options. 

Climate Action Campaign’s work in pioneering the launch of three CCE programs has led to incredible success. San Diego Community Power and Orange County Power Authority are recognized as two of the top ten energy providers in the U.S. for the number of green power customers. As the fifth and sixth largest counties nationwide, we cannot overstate the impact of our CCE programs. We’re bringing clean energy options to millions of people

Community Choice programs in California outperform all other national utilities in clean power. In California alone, CCEs serve over 11 million customers, offering ten times more renewable energy than utilities. These CCEs have committed an impressive $30 billion to 14GW of renewable generation, creating 29,000 green construction jobs in the state.

What these CCE programs have achieved in under five years, utilities couldn’t achieve in decades. As we focus on expanding the reach of our local CCE programs to include more cities, we must replicate and scale these programs to a regional and national level.

We've been at the forefront, advocating for local communities and their right to shape their energy future. We invite you to be a part of this energy transformation, joining us in expanding our impact and taking the success of CCE programs beyond our current reach.

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