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SANDAG unveiled their vision for our transportation future. Here’s why that matters for climate.

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Earlier last month, our regional planning agency–SANDAG–unveiled their vision for San Diego’s transportation future. We’re thrilled to see big plans for a transportation system that makes our air cleaner, our streets safer, and reliably connects every San Diegan to jobs and education.

Here’s the root of the problem we’re facing: 42% of the San Diego region’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our current transportation system. By moving ahead with this vision, our elected officials can transform how people get around while showing their climate leadership. 

Every four years, SANDAG is required to update their Regional Plan, which sets the stage for decades of transit investments. Through the 2021 Regional Plan, we can build a world-class transit system that is connected, equitable, and takes the necessary steps to reduce our transportation emissions in the fight against the climate crisis. 

According to SANDAG, almost two-thirds of jobs are not teleworkable. This means that people will still need high-quality transit options after the pandemic. It’s clear that we need a green Regional Plan now more than ever!

Want to learn more about the vision for the 2021 Regional Plan? Watch this video, and we’ll be in touch with more ways to plug in in the coming months.

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