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The Future Of The OC Climate Coalition And Climate Action In OC

2021 was a year of unprecedented climate impacts and inspiring climate action. This has set the stage for 2022 to be an even bigger year for mass climate policy and systems change in Orange County. Many of the community members who spent last summer experiencing historic heatwaves and record-breaking wildfires are now mobilizing for climate policy in their cities.

They have seen firsthand what must be done to address climate change and what is possible when they act together. The OC Climate Coalition has provided a space for these community members, community organizations, and climate activists to come together to continue to push forward the change needed to stop the climate crisis, and is open for you to join!

Through monthly meetings, members have been able to not only mobilize for major climate votes in their city, while gaining skills, connecting to other organizations and community issues, and forming smaller working groups to address these issues. We are determined to become better, more effective advocates for the sake of our climate and communities.

Build Community And Gain Climate Advocacy Skills

Some of the skills members have been able to gain from recent meetings include:

  • How to start a local campaign

  • How to give an impactful public comment

  • How to create and use a power map for political change

  • How to use the CalEnviroScreen 4.0 tool to pull community-specific environmental data

We’ve got some other great skills training coming up this month, including:

  • How to monitor your city agenda for climate actions

  • How to lobby your local elected officials

The coalition provides these training opportunities to all community members and the environmental groups, youth groups, religious groups, political groups, and social justice groups that are member organizations.

Are you a member of a group that is disproportionately impacted by climate change? Do you want to secure a sustainable and just future for OC? Then apply to become an OCCC coalition member here.

We’re Hard At Work, Join OCCC An Organization!

This diverse coalition of organizations and community members have been hard at work this past year, building the coalition's membership, learning new skills, and deciding on goals for the coalition which can be found here.

These goals work toward our collective vision of having OC elected officials leading the world on effective, equitable climate action to reach zero carbon by 2030.

Our Focus For 2022

To ensure we reach these goals and engage community members in the local issues they care about, we also recently launched 2 new working groups: our energy working group and our environmental justice and equity working group.

Our Energy Working Group is focused on:

  • Educating, Advocating, and Organizing in OC cities to ensure the adoption and implementation of Climate Action & Adaptation Plans that commit to achieving zero carbon by 2030.

  • Passing all-electric reach codes for new construction and equitable retrofits (as part of or separate from CAPs) in 2022.

  • Advocating and holding electeds accountable for the adoption of renewable energy policies at the city, state, and federal levels.

Our Environmental Justice and Equity Working Group is focused on:

  • Identifying, collaborating with, and bringing in communities of concern to advocate for policy action to improve the environment, community resilience, and quality of life at workplaces and at home.

  • Reducing energy use and harmful and inequitable fossil fuel dependency in OC cities.

  • Educating and activating OCCC members to address environmental injustices in OC.

Above: Presenting On Our #ElectrifyIrvine Campaign to University HS's Justice Club In Irvine

Take Action For Energy & Environmental Justice

One of the first initiatives to accomplish both energy and environmental justice goals was to create a petition to get a building electrification ordinance in Irvine passed this year. Learn more and sign your name here for an electrified and climate-safe Irvine.

Calling All Activists: Join The OCCC As An Individual

Join the OC Climate Coalition to connect to community organizations, engage in climate actions, and become a climate leader! Get active today by joining a working group. Fill out our activist membership form here.

2022 is the year for climate action in Orange County, and we need you to help us lead the way. Keep up with OC Climate Coalition, and partner organizations’ events through our Instagram, Twitter, and Linktree.

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