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Championing Change: Igniting Transformation and Mobilizing Action in Orange County

We’ve been building a strong foundation for bold climate action throughout our region. And we’re not slowing down anytime soon. With work across San Diego, Orange County, and now Los Angeles, we’re on our way to creating an equitable and sustainable Southern California. 

The impact of our rapidly expanding work has led to countless groundbreaking initiatives, projects, and policies, as well as mobilized our neighbors to advocate for priority campaigns. 

Here are a few tangible ways we’ve made an impact in Orange County: 

Everyone deserves clean, safe, affordable energy. Dirty energy sources, like fossil fuels, harm health, the environment, and the economy. Enter Community Choice Energy (CCE), which empowers communities to choose their energy sources, prioritizing clean energy. Climate Action Campaign was a leading force in the development of the Orange County Power Authority (OCPA), a nationally recognized national CCE leading in renewable energy. With 213,000 customers actively choosing clean energy through the OCPA, our vision of achieving 100% renewable energy is coming to life. 

We need effective and equitable climate solutions to create the healthy, safe, and connected future we deserve. Bold action starts from the ground up, and we know our cities are instrumental in creating community-oriented change. 

In 2023, we released our inaugural Orange County Climate Action Plan (CAP) Report Card that grades OC cities on their climate action performance to maintain transparency and accountability for our communities. We found that fewer than 20% of OC cities have a CAP, with even fewer meeting their climate goals. Since then, multiple OC cities, such as Buena Park, started drafting their first CAP!

Effective, equitable, and community-oriented change starts with regional collaboration. In 2021, Climate Action Campaign and partner organizations established the Orange County Climate Coalition, a coalition of 20+ local businesses, environmental, social justice, faith, and community-based organizations, in partnership with individual activists. The OC Climate Coalition has the unified mission of reaching zero carbon by 2030, leading the world on effective, equitable climate action. To date, the OC Climate Coalition has mobilized over one hundred activists on a variety of campaigns and successfully advocated for the adoption of many key policies. 

Our team’s dedication, innovation, and passion for a better future have played pivotal roles in creating meaningful change. These efforts have not gone unrecognized. Recently, our Orange County Policy Director, Ayn Craciun, was recognized as one of the Top 125 Most Influential People in Orange County for her work with CAC.

Our work is not done. With your support, we will continue to make waves of positive change across Southern California. We’re reaching new heights and broadening our impact. Together, let’s make a difference. 

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