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From Milestones to Memories: Celebrating the Best of 2023

From milestones to memorable events, let’s look back on our favorite memories that made 2023 special. This year has been a year of wins and growth, and we’re excited to use this momentum to create waves of change in 2024. 

This year started strong with the release of our inaugural Orange County Climate Action Plan Report Card! We created this report card so cities and communities can understand where our climate action stands and discover key recommendations for equitable and sustainable policy. This report kickstarted the Climate Action Plan development process for many cities, including Orange and Buena Park, and encouraged OC governments to take action and lead climate policy. 

The advocacy of you and our community has not gone unnoticed! We had an electric ⚡ year, successfully advocating for TWO San Diego school districts to adopt all-electric resolutions. Both San Diego Unified School District and Sweetwater Union High School District are powering the charge to clean, healthy, and sustainable energy. Here are a few of our favorite memories from this advocacy. 

Momentum is building in Orange County for equitable, bold climate action, and we can’t wait to see all we can accomplish together in the New Year. With Buena Park recently committing to developing a sustainability plan, Santa Ana committing to drafting a Climate Action Plan (CAP), and many other cities across the county working on adopting and strengthening other CAPs and sustainability initiatives, Orange County is shaping up to become a leader in climate action. 

Here are a few more moments that made this year special. We’re grateful for our team, our community, and all of you for pushing to create a better world. 💚

We’re excited to step into the new year, carrying forward the momentum we’ve built for bold, collaborative climate action. Cheers to a successful 2023! 

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