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NEW REPORT: City Must Double Down on Bike/Walk/Transit Targets in Climate Action Plan

Last week, we released our newest report, “Missing the Mark: City of San Diego Must Double Down on Bike/Walk/Transit Targets in Climate Action Plan.” Click here to read it!

Transportation accounts for nearly half of our region’s climate-warming emissions. That’s why the City of San Diego’s 2015 Climate Action Plan calls for 50% of commutes in areas near major transit stops to be taken by sustainable modes of transportation, with a focus on biking, walking, and transit.

The purpose of this report is to compare the City CAP’s 50% mode shift target for bike/walk/transit with the mode shift projections for the buildout of SANDAG’s 2021 Regional Plan, each for the year 2035, in the City’s Transit Priority Areas. Here’s what we found:

SANDAG’s Plan will only achieve 27% of commuters taking bike/walk/transit in City TPAs by 2035—not enough to meet the City CAP’s 50% target, as it still leaves a 23% gap.

While SANDAG will make meaningful progress towards the CAP’s mode shift targets, especially when compared with previous Regional Plans, there is more work to be done. Unless the City and SANDAG take significant additional action beyond the Regional Plan, those CAP targets will still not be achieved.

We can’t secure a climate-safe future without slashing transportation emissions. To help the Mayor and Council achieve their legal obligations, we are calling for:

  • The full funding and implementation of the Mobility Action Plan 2.0, our roadmap to achieving the CAP’s mode shift targets.

  • Demonstrated progress on mode shift should be meaningfully integrated in all City plans and programs in the housing, transportation, and land use sectors.

Click here to read the report, and click here to check out KPBS’s story.

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